New Mexico Active Recovery Techniques

Our Mission: New Mexico Active Recovery Techniques (ART) is committed to improving the quality of our clients’ lives. We emphasis Active Recovery Techniques for Alcoholics and Addicts in our community and strive to assist children, adults and families to recover from the tragedy of substance abuse. We provide ethical, effective community outreach behavioral health services. We tailor a variety of techniques to each individual to ensure the greatest positive impact on their lives.

New Mexico ART values the partnership and collaboration with our community to assist our clients’ journey to recovery.  Our Goal is to empower our clients with dignity and respect so they can live independent and healthy lives while becoming a productive member of our community.


Our Services

We offer a variety of services to assist the substance abuser and their family on their road to recovery. These services include:

  • Substance Abuse Programs

  • Women’s Groups

  • Men’s Groups

  • Parenting Classes

  • Life Skills Groups

  • Relapse Prevention Groups

  • Early Intervention Education Groups


Help is CLOSER than You Think.

You Just Have to Take that First Step!

Why Should We Help?

drainsThat is the question that runs through so many peoples’ minds.  Beyond the plain and simple concept of helping your neighbor, and making your community a better place for you and your family, there are other financial reasons. The fact is a substance abuser often accesses a number of community resources during the course of their addiction, i.e. Law Enforcement (police, probation, city and county jails, the court system, etc…), Social Services, Financial Aid, let alone the cost of repairing damage their abusive behaviors have caused the community. They access all of these services while paying little into the system.
Now a Recovered Addict is a Productive Member of the Community. They are no longer accessing these services, and in fact they are now paying back into the system. Its simple, our community saves money by helping our neighbors beat this serious disease. Good for your Neighbor… Good for your Community… Good for You and Your Family… This is a win-win for everyone.