Substance Use Recovery & Treatment Collaborative

Our Mission

The New Mexico Recovery Project is a statewide
initiative with a mission of:

  • expanding access to substance use treatment
  • increasing the healthcare workforce
  • increasing access to community-based  behavioral health services for children and other underserved populations.

Through a federally funded 18-month assessment grant, this collaborative will expand the capacity of substance abuse disorder (SUD) providers to offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) through the Medicaid State Plan. One of 15 states awarded, New Mexico is gearing up for a $5 million pilot
demonstration grant that will span up to five years.

Assessment Grant Outcomes:

The New Mexico Recovery Project is a professional collaborative focused on
outcomes. Through a federally funded 18-month assessment grant, we will be working to:

  • Conduct a statewide needs assessment to verify the availability and access to SUD  treatment
  • Assemble data from the needs assessment, integrating it with previous strategic plans, to address SUD while building an infrastructure for ongoing assessment
  • Develop a statewide workforce plan to ensure  long-term and sustainable Medicaid provider networks that offer the full array of SUD treatment
  • Increase capacity of New Mexico’s workforce to provide Medicaid-funded SUD treatment and recovery services through provision of education, training, marketing, and technical support to

The consequences of substance abuse have multiplied in New Mexico for decades, and are rising at alarming rates now. By investing in training and developing new efficiencies within the provider network, the capacity to offer substance use treatment services will increase exponentially.


We will save lives by investing in community leadership through this collaborative and entrusting those with lived experience and those working in the field to lead New Mexico to a new, reformed, way to serve its people.