Michelle Lujan Grisham, Governor

Kari Armijo, Acting Secretary

Nick Boukas, Director, BHSD


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Informed consent and disclosure guidelines.

Consumer safety.

Privacy and confidentiality.

Record-keeping and fees.

Clinical roles and relationships, including patient-therapist relationships and boundaries.

Professional growth and development planning.
Professional competence: training; cultural awareness in practice; self-care; consultation.

Treatment safety and transition planning: termination and referral; end of life care; advanced directives or psychiatric advanced directives (PAD); crisis and safety planning; care coordination; continuity of care.
Assessment and trauma-informed clinical practice.

Ethical and legal issues.

Critical incident reporting.

A section on State and other relevant resources for attending to crisissituations including: New Mexico Crisis and Access Line information; Suicide hotlines; and how to call and utilize local Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) services as well as what the agency’s procedures are in the event of an emergency.

Population-specific: Any provider organization service array applicable training and/or certification requirements/guidelines including child development; trauma-informed care; family support; peer recovery; domestic violence; sexual assault; assessments; and screening.