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Comprehensive Community Support Services Certification Application
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When to Submit the Application:

  • Agencies/Organization who want to provide Comprehensive Community Support Services CCSS and have never applied before
  • Agencies/Organizations who are opening a new location (requires separate application)
  • After completion of the required training related to providing clinical supervision of non-clinical staff
Supporting Documentation to Gather:

CCSS Clinical Supervisor:

  • Copy of License
  • Evidence of 1 year of Supervisory Experience
  • Board-approved Clinical Supervisor Designation Letter/Verification
  • Attestation of Training Related to Providing Clinical Supervision of Non-Clinical Staff
  • Copy of CCSS Training Certificate
  • Resumé (detailing one or more years of supervisory experience)


CCSS Program Supervisor (if this is a different person than the Clinical Supervisor, these will be required):

  • Copy of Bachelor's Degree in a human services field from an accredited university
  • Resumé (detailing four years relevant experience in the delivery of case management or CCSS with the target population, and one year demonstrated supervisory experience)
  • Copy of CCSS Training Certificate


If you have hired CSWs/CPSWs, you will be required to state their names and upload the following documents (*IMPORTANT NOTE: These documents must be combined into a single PDF before uploading):

  • For CSWs, you will be required to upload proof of education (degree or diploma earned), an initial CCSS training certificate of completion, and a resume detailing months and years of experience.
  • For CPSWs, you will be required to upload proof of CPSW credentials and the initial CCSS training certificate of completion.