Michelle Lujan Grisham, Governor

Kari Armijo, Cabinet Secretary

Nick Boukas, Director, BHSD

New Mexico Behavioral Health Licensing Statutes & Regulations

Provider licensing by primary boards for NILs

Licensures for behavioral health practitioners are issued by different boards depending on the education and training of the practitioner. Each board has its own regulations starting with New Mexico Statues Annotated (NMSAs) and more specific New Mexico Administrative Codes (NMACs). These include licensure requirements, approved supervisors, and CEU and renewal criteria.

In general, statutes can be searched and reviewed here.

New Mexico Compilation Commission

Specific rules (NMACs) for licensure requirements and Scopes of Practice, as outlined by Statutes, can be found at the individual Board site pages for Rules and Laws:

NM Board of Social Work Examiners
Statute and Scope of Practice for Social Workers: Chapter 61 Occupational and Professional Licensing
> Article 31 Social Work Practice

Counseling and Therapy Practice Board
Statute and Scope of Practice for Counselors: Article 9A Counseling and Therapy, 61-9A-1 through 61-9A-30