Michelle Lujan Grisham, Governor

Kari Armijo, Acting Secretary

Nick Boukas, Director, BHSD


Important Update to Rostering


January 31, 2023
The New Mexico Human Services Department, Behavioral Health Services Division is no longer responsible for accepting rosters. Instead, providers will roster with their MCOs directly.
Director Letter of Direction #91 

Date: January 31, 2023 

To: Centennial Care 2.0 Managed Care Organizations From: Nicole Comeaux, Director, Medical Assistance Division Neal Bowen, Director, Behavioral Health Services Division-NB by DM 1.31.23 

Subject: Supervisory Certification & Rostering 
Title: Supervisory Certification & Rostering 

The purpose of this Letter of Direction (LOD) is to provide clarification to the Centennial Care 2.0 Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) regarding supervisory certification and rostering. Effective January 1, 2023, the MCOs will be responsible for approving a provider’s submitted roster related specifically to agencies approved for Supervisory Certification through the New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division (BHSD). 

The Behavioral Health Policy and Billing Manual (2021) page 18 states that “All rosters must be updated and submitted to BHSD every time there is a change in supervisors and/or providers, or every six (6) months if there are no earlier changes.” 

Effective January 1, 2023, this LOD replaces the above policy language to: “All rosters must be updated and submitted to the MCOs at the time of the initial request for supervisory certification, and every time there is a change in supervisors and/or providers.” 

In addition, this LOD affirms that the following agencies do not fall under supervisory certification and are not required to have a supervisory certification attestation and/or supervisory certification roster in order to provide clinical supervision and bill for the services of supervised non-independently licensed BH practitioners: a Community Mental Health Center (CMHC), a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), an Indian Health Service (IHS) Hospital, Clinic or FQHC; a PL93-638 Tribally Operated Hospital, Clinic, or FQHC, an Indian Health Provider (IHCP) as defined in Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42,§438.14(a), a Children, Youth And Families Department (CYFD) facility, a hospital and its outpatient facility, a Core Service Agency (CSA), and a CareLink NM health home (CLNM HH). 

The MCOs will inform all agencies that are eligible for supervisory certification of their current processes. Eligible agencies include: Behavioral Health Agencies (BHA 432), Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP 343), Adult Accredited Residential Treatment Centers (AARTC 216/261), and non- Page 2 of 2 FQHC School Based Health Centers (321). This LOD replaces Appendix E #3 on page 19 and the roster identified on pages 28-29 found in the appendices of The Behavioral Health Policy and Billing Manual (2021). For further information, please contact Donald Tyler at Donald.Tyler@hsd.nm.gov

This LOD will sunset with the next iteration of the Behavioral Health Policy and Billing Manual.

Contact Information for MCOs


Bobbie Sower
505-923-6757, bsower@phs.org


Brittanny Brooks
505-886-6550, Contracting@westernskycommunitycare.com


Nicole Wilson, Servicing BH providers in Northwest Region Behavioral Health Value Based Providers (VBC)
Email: Nicole_Wilson@bcbsnm.com
Phone: +1 505-816-4275


Laura Nguyen, Servicing BH providers in Southwest Region Bernalillo County -> Providers with Alpha A – J
Email: Laura_Nguyen@bcbsnm.com
Phone: +1 505-816-2005


Armando Bentancourt, Servicing BH providers in East Region Bernalillo County -> Providers with Alpha K-Z
Email: Armando_Betancourt@bcbsnm.com
Phone: +1 505-962-7389